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File Manager-Windows Phone

DriveHQ is the first Cloud IT Solution provider. We offer remote file server, FTP server, email server and web server hosting services, as well as many other advanced features

Twitter-Windows Phone

Twitter-Windows Phone is your global town square, a n'ezie na-njikọ ihe na-eme n'ụwa. Soro ndị ị maara na ndị ị na-amasị mara. Chọọ na-achọpụta na. Browse

Simple Recorder Xap

Simple Recorder Xap is a very simple recorder app for creating short recordings as notes. Let’s you you create a new recording with the touch of a button, and

Voice 2 Mail Xap

Note taking on a touch keyboard is difficult if you are on the go. Why not just talking to your phone? Pin the Voice 2 Mail xap tile to